September 6, 2021

Depression is a serious mental disorder in which a person’s interest in life and the world around them decreases. Sometimes it helps to deal with it: And if no action is taken, it can lead to unfortunate consequences. But how do you determine the signs of depression? Is it possible to distinguish it from […]



June 11, 2021

“I’m depressed!!!” – that’s what people very often say when they’re in a bad mood or haven’t had a good day or two! And they don’t even wonder what depression is. And they don’t know what some doctors prescribe: So, let’s take a closer look at what depression is and what to do about it? In […]


Bronchitis. Causes. Treatment with Septrin forte

February 10, 2021

Effectively treated acute bronchitis most often goes away without consequences. Chronic bronchitis (CB) is a progressive disease of the tracheobronchial tissue, c haracterized by remissions and exacerbations. During exacerbations, the bronchi become inflamed and there is coughing and profuse sputum production. Persistent inflammatory processes lead to damage to the structure of the mucous membranes of […]


Description of the drug Prometazine

December 19, 2020

Pharmacology: Pharmacological action – antihistamine, anti-allergic, sedative, hypnotic, antiemetic, local anesthetic, antipruritic. Competitively blocks H1-histamine receptors, has anti-exudative, anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory, local anesthetic effect. Indications to the use of promethazine: Allergodermatosis, prurigo, eczema, exudative diathesis, urticaria, rash, etc. Cutaneous allergic reactions to drugs and chemicals, itching, allergic conjunctivitis, rhinitis, pollinosis, stings of wasps, bees, scorpions, bumblebees, […]



April 22, 2020

How to use and doses P/k, shoulder, hip, buttock or abdomen area. Possibly in and out of the introduction. The dosage of humulin is determined by a physician individually depending on the concentration of glucose in the blood. The temperature of the administered drug should correspond to the room temperature. Injection sites should be alternated […]


Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Hydroxide

April 9, 2020

Overview Salt composition Calcium Carbonate / Magnesium Hydroxide is indicated for the treatment of heartburn, Acid stomach, Stomach upset, Calcium preparations, Gastric acid, Increases the water in the intestine and other conditions. Detailed information on use, side effects, interactions, contraindications and reviews of ROLAIDS Contraindications  is provided below: Benefits Calcium Carbonate / Magnesium Hydroxide is used to […]



March 6, 2020

Special indications After the local application of Patanol eye drops, systemic suction is possible. If there are signs of an adverse reaction or hypersensitivity, stop taking the drug. Benzalkonium chloride, used as a preservative for ophthalmic preparations, maybe the cause of spot keratopathy and/or toxic ulcer keratopathy. In case of prolonged or frequent use of […]


Symptoms Of Bronchitis

November 30, 2009

Bronchitis is an infection of the bronchial tubes of the lungs. Most often a problem of smokers, the disease sometimes occurs in non-smokers. Some of the risks of disease include repeated infections of the bronchi and bronchioles which may damage the linings of these tubes and leave the lungs susceptible to more infection. And, if […]


Acute Bronchitis Naturist Medicine

November 29, 2009

Acute bronchitis naturist medicine is becoming one of the most sought after remedies for acute bronchitis. People are looking for a natural method to controlling and curing acute bronchitis. Some of the natural cures focus on prevention. Should illness occur, medical attention may be needed, but the natural solutions may be very helpful. Garlic is […]


Is Bronchitis Contagious

November 11, 2009

Is Bronchitis Contagious Is bronchitis contagious? Since bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchi, and can be caused by a number of factors, the answer is that you can not get bronchitis from someone just because they have it. They may suffer from bronchitis due to smoking or heart condition. That would not be contagious. […]