Bronchitis Symptoms


The symptoms of bronchitis are most often noted as constant coughing each morning as someone wakes up. The victim coughs repeated in an attempt to clear the lungs of phlegm and ease their breathing. If they are a smoker, them usually just think that it is normal to cough every morning. Chronic coughing is never normal. It is always a sign of lung trouble. While bronchitis can usually be treated successfully, the success rate really depends upon the degree of progression.

In early stages of bronchitis, the coughing may not be noticeable, unless a cold or flu virus aggravates the lungs. But, at this point, it only takes a minor cold can set off flare-ups. Smoking weakens the body’s ability to ward off desease of all kinds. Therefore, the single most important thing to do would be to quit smoking. After quitting smoking, you will probably quit having most of the breathing problems.

Many sufferers have flare-ups every winter. One of the accepted descriptions of bronchitis, is the repeated conditions of a victim having several months of flare-ups for several years in succession. Phlegm production is present at these times. In the last stages of the desease, the symptoms occur all year long. These include coughing, wheezing, and breathlessness.

A blue color around the lips and in the rest of the face are another sign of the desease. The blue color is the result of your blood not having enough oxygen. People exhibiting this symptom of bronchitis may eventually go into respiratory failure. Other people may develop lung cancer. It is not bronchitis that cause them to develop lung cancer, but the habit of smoking. If you are experiencing bronchitis symptoms, consider giving up smoking as soon as you can.

How To Effectivly Deal With Bronchitis

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