Acute Bronchitis Medicinal Plants


One of the best methods to prevent acute bronchitis is prevention. That is, having the proper nutrition can help you to keep from getting the condition. But, if you have acute bronchitis, you will want to know what you can do to aid in recovery.

There are quite a number of plants throughout the world that may help people who have respiratory illnesses. Garlic is known to help fight infections and mullein tea has been used for years in France to treat all kinds of respiratory problems. Easter lily, an old remedy, may be used to expel heavy, stagnant muscu from the lungs. Easter lily can be purchased as a flower essence. Yerba santa, a southwestern herb, grows in semi-desert areas and may help with respiratory problems. It has a shiny leaf that is covered with a resin. That in itself is an indication that the plant may help with respiratory problems such as bronchitis. Resins are a sticky substance that will pick up and remove the mucus causing the airways to open up. Yerba santa aids in clearing mucus from the lung membranes and linings and is especially helpful to those who have a deteriorating cough. It is often used in treating tuberculosis.

Other herbs useful for clearing the lungs are white pine, marshmallow root, spruce, licorice root, and lungwort. In Europe, fresh thyme, nettles, and fenugreek are widely used for treating many different lung conditions. Horsradish, combined with soothing herbs, helps clear lung debris. Ginger is an expectorant herb that helps clear the bronchi of mucus secretions. One squirt of ginger extract taken orally can clear the bronchi in minutes.

Aromatherapy, or the inhalation of herbs with expectorant properies is often very effective. Some are eucalyptus, hissop, and thyme. One can prepare a potpourri of lavender, figwort, mullein, horehound, and lungwort which can be heated and the steam inhaled. An aromatherapist can assist you in more essences and methods. Acute bronchitis medicinal plants vary according to where you live. They can be a great relief to those who have bronchitis.

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