Bronchitis Treatment


Bronchitis treatment will depend upon your physician’s decision as to the form of bronchitis you may have. If you have fever, aspirin may assist. Over the counter cough medicines may alleviate the discomfort from unrestrained coughing. Recollect that coughing is the natural method of removing excessive phlegm and foriegn material from your lungs. Because no specific treatment is available to treat viral bronchitis, your doctor may merely try to releive the sypmtoms. If you are wheezing, he may prescribe a bronchodilator drug, which is taken by inhalation. If you are coughing too much, he may prescribe a cough suppressant. Greenish-yellow sputum may indicate a secondary bacterial infection. So, an antibiotic may be needed.

If you have chronic bronchitis, consider giving up smoking if you are a smoker. Avoid other smokers. Avoid people who have colds. If you enter a crowd, you will probably subject yourself to someone who has a cold. Avoid crowds. A simple cold to others could develop into something very serious for you. Consider changing jobs if your job requires you to enter polluted or harsh breathing environments. If you decide to relocate, look for a drier warmer climate. Avoid living in a cold, damp place.

You should not ignore repeated cases of acute bronchitis. Let your doctor know and work with him to find the cause. Although many of us do get acute bronchitis in our lives, repeated attacks may be due to something we can avoid. Repeated attacks may leave harmful scarring in the lungs.

Use aspirin for fever. You can use over the counter cough medicine to help with excessive coughing. But, if you feel breathless, call your doctor. Your doctor can prescibe antibiotics for cases of bronchitis involving bacterial infection. Antibiotics are often prescribed to prevent the secondary threat of infection. Chronic bronchitis can adversely affect the heart in some cases. If you think you may be having heart problems, let your doctor know. He may need to administer several tests to determine if you are getting the bronchitis treatment you need.

How To Effectivly Deal With Bronchitis

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