Chronic Bronchitis


The symptoms of chronic bronchitis are a constant coughing every morning. Many smokers go through this daily regimen at the start of each day and thing little of it. But, it is not normal to cough regularly. This is a almost certain sign of chronic bronchitis and should be treated. Of course, the best remedy is to quit smoking. A doctor should be consulted in any case. If bronchitis is treated in the early stages, it can usually be brought into control and more serious conditions can be prevented. In the first stages of chronic bronchitis, coughing may not be prevalent until the victim contracts a cold or flu virus.

At that point, the lungs are unable to deal with demands and an attack may occur. Often, these flare-ups happen every winter and include an increased amount of phlegm production. These attacks may last for two or three months and go on for years.

Chronic bronchitis, when contracted stays with the victim until treated and cured. Acute bronchitis, a lesser form of the desease, occurs in people who have developed a respiratory infection. Chronic bronchitis is the form that smokers develop as a result of smoking.

If you have chronic bronchitis, avoid people with colds and viruses. Avoid smoke filled rooms and any other kind of contamated breathing areas. Consider a job change if you think you are breathing air that might aggravate your desease. A warmer, drier climate is preferable. You increase your chance of problems if you live and breathe in a cold, damp place. Your doctor can help you in most cases with the use of antibiotics. Some of the sypmtoms may be indicative of more serious ailments, so let your doctor check you out.

How To Effectivly Deal With Bronchitis

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