Symptoms Of Bronchitis


The symptoms of Bronchitis are a repeated cough usually in the morning after you wake up. You may have someone you know that always does this and wondered why. Many smokers are so used to doing this that they may develop Bronchitis and not realize it. Sometimes called “smoker’s cough”, Bronchitis is easily contracted by smokers. Bronchitis is an infection of the bronchial tubes. Repeated infections can thicken and distort the bronchial tubes, causing narrowness and restriction of the ability to carry air to the lungs. Also, the desease causes further obstruction by the secretion of excessive mucus and contraction of the muscles of the walls. Over the years, the amount of phlegm increases and coughing may go on all day. Breathlessness and wheezing also increase causing more discomfort.

Smokers are more likely to develop the disease than are nonsmokers. The families of smokers are next in line. Children and especially infants are particularly susceptible to developing acute Bronchitis when breathing the air around smokers. Prolonged exposure can lead to chronic Bronchitis. Men are more prone to develop Bronchitis than are women. The ratio is about three to one. Air pollution in industrialized countries leads to an increase in the prevalence of Bronchitis. Death can follow when the desease is not treated. Some people are so affected with the desease that they appear to have a blue color about their lips because of the lack of oxygen. Respiratory failure may occur as a result of the lack of oxygen.

How To Effectivly Deal With Bronchitis

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