Acute Bronchitis Naturist Medicine


Acute bronchitis naturist medicine is becoming one of the most sought after remedies for acute bronchitis. People are looking for a natural method to controlling and curing acute bronchitis. Some of the natural cures focus on prevention. Should illness occur, medical attention may be needed, but the natural solutions may be very helpful.

Garlic is known to help fight infections as is mullein tea. Mullein teas have been used for years in France to treat inflammatory conditions in the lungs. Easter Lily, an old bronchial remedy has been used to expel heavy mucus from the lungs and is easily purchased as a flower essence. Another herb is Yerba santa, a southwestern herb that grows only in semi-desert areas. The Yerba santa leaf is covered with a resin, which is an indication of an herb that helps with breathing. A resin, being sticky, is able to stick to the mucus and become expelled, opening the airways. Yerba santa is especially great for those who are worn out from prolonged coughing. It is also effective in the treatment of tuberculosis.

Mother Nature has other herbs to help with the disease. White Pine, Spruce, marshmallow root, lungwort, comfrey and licorice root are a few. In Europe, fresh thyme, fenugreek, and nettles are used commonly for treating acute bronchitis and other lung problems. Also used is horseradish. One squirt of ginger extract in the mouth is able to clear the lungs in a few minutes.

Aromatherapy can offer relief. The inhalation of volatile herbs with their expectorant properties helps clear the lungs of mucus. Some of these include eucalyptus, hyssop, thyme, mullein, horehound, lungwort, and lavender. Find yourself an aromatherapist for more information and techniques to use.

Homeopathic remedies used to restore respiratory health include ipecacuanha, which many homeopathic doctors recommend to control and treat violent coughing, chest restriction and choking. Natrum sulphuricum may help with those whose chest rattling intensifies when the weather becomes damp.

There are many acute bronchitis naturist medicines available to you if you study and ask questions. Never assume there is only one way to fight the disease. Knowledge is essential to your health.


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